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Where Culture Blossoms and Flavor Flourishes

We embraced Haibu project because, after all, Japan has always been so close here, in the tea heritage, in the colorful hydrangeas, in the fragile azaleas of silk petals, in the delicate camellias or in the elegant bamboos and soaring cryptomerias.

When you try Japanese cuisine, you are in love with its delicious delicacies that result from ancient traditions, it also guarantees the benefits of being one of the healthiest in international cuisine, which justifies that today it is one of the most sought after and most successful.

At Haibu we created the conditions to be faithful to Japanese cuisine, respecting its flavors and traditions, demanding with the quality of the ingredients and in the appreciation of the local products of the time, in the truth of the preparation and in the aesthetic simplicity of the presentation, providing an authentic experience, which is based on the Japanese roots and traditions.

In 2012 we were innovative in Ponta Delgada with the specialized offer of sushi, 11 years later we want to continue to reinforce the quality and innovate with a proposal of Vegan Sushi, without animal products, where vegetables replace the fish, without losing the traditional aesthetic of the presentation of sushi.

When visiting Haibu, you will embark on a gastronomic journey, in which our route is to offer a captivating, authentic and consistent concept of "traditional Japanese home cooking".

Lunches begin with the Teishoku concept – a tradition of Japanese restaurants, which offer the simplest, fastest, and most convenient combo lunch. The "Bento Box" are the most traditional example of this concept, they are boxes with several compartments, intended for different elements of Japanese gastronomy and are one of the main pieces of our lunches.